sketch and paint tutorials on patreon!

 Watch the intro video of my Patreon page!

Link down below the video.


what is patreon?

Maybe you heard of it before, if not; It's a place where you can subscribe on my monthly content and in return you will get something back. I want to make it more accessible and help more people, that's why I set up a Patreon page! I really wanted to create something that I wanted to see when I started out and was struggling with all kind of things.


You will see in the sketch and paint tutorials....

  • Exactly how I make sketches and paintings "step by step", with voice-over!

  • Close-up shots....not only time lapses, far a way shots or bad lighting.

  • You will see exactly what materials I'm using. (questions that I get a lot)

  • Video's like "how to draw a face" "how to draw flowers" but also "how to come up with ideas" etc.