Livepainting recap at Wonen & Co de beurs! Most creative stand, woohoo!

Special honor for most creative stand!


The idea was to live paint at the event, I didn’t have a fancy stand. So it was such a surprise that Wonen & Co gave me an official compliment for the most creative stand! I’m very grateful for this! Beautiful flowers and a pie. Of course I will take extra pictures of these flowers, so I can draw them later on.

Livepainting at Wonen & Co De Beurs


I started a few days before the opening with the sketch. I actually wish I had a little bit more time so that I could already paint it and only add effects during the 4 days I was painting, but there were so many people coming over, asking questions or just to explain what I was doing. Therefor I couldn’t make a full colour mural because that would take much more time and concentration!

At this event were about 50.000 people (probably) so at the end I spoke to so many people, it was quite intense (lost my voice a little) but it was great to hear how positive and interested everyone was.

This is my digital mock-up


Many people asked me how I start with a mural, so I showed my digital mock-up. Those pink lines are certain distances and I started with the letter in the middle. If you follow me on Instagram, I was posting stories of the process.

My stand


I love how this banner turned out! I tried to show my sketches in the background because I use a lot of my sketches from my sketchbook for projects. It’s the main source of inspiration and that’s where it all starts.

Painted woodpanels


I wanted to combine letters with flowers, so the logo of Wonen & Co was perfect for this.


I’ve chosen a move colour with darker outlines. The colours on these pictures look a little different in this light.


Close-ups. I’ve used acrylics and sketched everything with pencil first.


If I had more time I would go into full detail mode!




Some people had ideas for there own walls, so I’ve wrote those down. I wish I did that from day one, but I will incorporate them into my future sketches!


little magazines with example projects


The first day these little books were almost all gone! I’ve ordered new ones and added flyers, so people still could take something with them. This little ‘magazine’ contains examples of my work. I showed projects with sketches, my new products and some paintings.


Interesting creative things and illustrations


This is from where they sell beautiful unique items.


Made by Simplex Furniture, part of “Tafelheren”.


Beautiful ink illustrations by Teemu Jarvi from Finland.