- marjolein caljouw -

artist from the Netherlands





I'm passionate about

drawing and painting.

About me

It all started with a huge interest in the world around me. I strongly believe that drawing is a way to learn.

To study something and capture it. I love what I do!

Through my art I connected with people from all over the world.

Since 2008 I’ve been working on super interesting projects like illustrations for magazines,

a 180m2 mural in the flagship store of Esprit, hotels, published a book and painted a Leica camera cover.

This gave me the opportunity to work together with art directors, product designers, PR agencies, visual merchandisers, architects and more.

I'm open to new interesting projects!


What kind of projects?

  • mural designs for hotels, restaurants, shops etc.
  • large and small paintings
  • window displays and paintings on glass
  • product decoration
  • package illustration
  • illustration for book/ album covers
  • typography decoration
  • illustration for animations
  • live painting at openings and party's
  • logo design



My way of working

1. Summarize. When I get an assignment or theme I will summarize the given task. Like size, colour preference, and the materials that I'm going to use.

2. Analyze. It's important to get a good sense of the space of object, so I will take photo's of the mural or object and look at the possibilities.

3. Brainstorm. The most fun part is the brainstorm where I will write down all the ideas that come to mind. This part has no obligations and everything is possible.

4. Mood boards. It will help to visualize the direction. I used this method a lot for my clients, but in my personal work as well. Making a serie can be stretched over a longer period of time. That's why it's so handy to look back at mood boards that show the colourscheme, sphere and technique.

5. Prototype. This is like a sketch before the actual final product will be realized. It will give myself a specific composition, I can see what works or what needs to be changed. If it's an object as well to make a mock-up in Photoshop.

6. Evaluation is the best way for me to close the project and write down what I could improve. Every project is an opportunity for my to learn how I can be more efficient and creative next time.



My favorite tools

Vertigo Games
Casper Reinders
Keith Bakker
Sid Lee
Relax Zen

worked with






Hotel Bloom
DJ Broadcast magazine
Chocolate & Foam
Nationaal Ouderenfonds

One world News (coming soon)
Tattoo Extreme Magazine Taiwan
Woman Designers
Kinky Kappers
Empty Kingdom
Party App

Published a book in 2011 'Kleine Dingen Met Liefde Doen'
(english: Doing little things with lots of love)









Illustration Now volume 5
United Colors of Benetton
Bjorn Borg
Powwow Hawaii
Jackie Magazine
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine
Imagine FX Magazine
Publish Magazine                                                                            DPI magazine Taiwan                                                             Nuvango

Red Raven Gallery, Washington, 2014.
' We Are Bored' Void Gallery, group show, Amsterdam 2014.
'Animal Kingdom' Nucleus Gallery group show, Los Angeles, 2013.
'DJ Broadcast Re-Cover' Sid Lee & DJ Broadcast Amsterdam (group)
Subwalk, Haarlem. (solo)







Animation Reimagined Modern Eden Gallery, 2018                 Cotton Candy Machine, 2015
Gristle Tattoo, Brooklyn, 2015.
Coastershow, Luz de la Jesus Gallery, L.A. 2015.
Emoji show, Arch Enemy Arts Gallery, L.A. 2015.
Myth, Magic & Lore' group show, BashContemporary Gallery, San Fransisco, 2015.


Auction with Gallery Seb, Amsterdam


'Golden Portfolio' at Blend Portfolio Night.
'Boekie Boekie' nomination at Booijmans Museum.

Free Your Mind Festival.
Solar Festival.
Source Festival.
Sugar Factory, Amsterdam.

live painting



ESPRIT opening flagshipstore, Amsterdam.
Addicts, Amsterdam.
Gallery Seb, Amsterdam.
Streetlab, Amsterdam.

The evolution of my work

Ever since I could hold a pencil I loved to draw. I started reading very early and was attracted to books.

I wrote my own stories and little poems with illustrations. I have around 30 diaries and I used to draw in them too.

To capture funny/sad/special moments and look at them from different perspectives.

Drawing is also a way for me to capture things in life and to organize my thoughts, but in a different, visual way.

I surround myself with things that I love and let them inspire me.

Yes! kid drawings included!


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